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About Us

The Proud History of Mid-States Bolt & Screw Company

Mid-States Bolt & Screw Company is a place where every bolt and fastener imaginable is virtually at your fingertips. If you can’t find it here, you can’t find it anywhere!! That was the vison and goal of our founder, Herb Somers.

Herb started Mid-States Bolt & Screw Co. in his basement in 1972. Within one year Herb’s home-based business grew so rapidly that he was able to move Mid-States Bolt & Screw out of his home and into a storefront on Dort Highway in Flint, Michigan. From that point forward, Mid-States Bolt & Screw Company has been securely fastened as an integral part of our community. We have grown from selling mail order wood screws into a multistate Corporation and established ourselves as the cultural foundation of the fastener business.

Although Herb, the founder of Mid-States passed on in 2001, his three sons, Scott, Matt, and Marc have continued to faithfully grow the business in the same passionate vision that their father, Herb, established from the beginning and are continuing to expand its borders. Because of this solid foundation, our products are sold to a multitude of markets. The opportunities for diversity and expansion are numerous.

The Corporate Headquarters for Mid-States Bolt & Screw is now located on Somers Drive in Burton, Michigan, but the heart of the business is widespread. There are currently 8 established distribution locations in Michigan, North Carolina, and Ohio. The amazing thing about the products we provide is that they have innumerable uses. Everybody needs bolts, screws, but the thing that makes us stand out from the competition is knowing what we’re good at and using that to help grow our business and provide for the needs of those around us. Mid-States Bolt consistently reaches out to the community and supports various robotics teams and various community projects. We strongly believe in giving back to the community that supports us and going the extra mile for our customers.

Mid-States still has the close family feel even though we continue to grow and expand our borders. Hiring the right people plays a vital role in that constant success. When you have happy employees, you will have happy customers. Mid-States knows that you can teach anyone about fasteners and bolts, but having an employee who can connect with a customer is something that is an instinct. Here at Mid-States Bolt & Screw, we firmly believe in building a bridge between our employees and the customers. It is not something that can be fabricated, but grown with years of constant care.

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